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Fundraiser Information

Selling Vidalia Sweet Onions is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways of raising large amounts of money.

We have helped numerous different groups have successful fundraisers over the years:

4-H clubs, FFA Organizations, Churches, Youth Groups, Ball Teams, Soccer Teams, College Clubs, Swim Teams, Civic Organizations and Individuals have had great success selling our Vidalia Onions.

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Our Program

1. You commit to pre-selling at least 200 our our 10 pound bags of onions. That's a total of 2000 pounds. In the past, groups of just 20 people have sold 7000 pounds!

2. We customize your fundraiser for your group and aid you in preparation for your sale.

3. Your group sells onions for three to four weeks between February and April.

4. You send us the amount of onions that you need - and we coordinate a delivery place and time.

5. You have your sales people and customers pick up their onions from a central location - not at the same time as delivery.

6. You send us full payment with in 20 business days of delivery. No money is needed up front.

Sales Tips & Strategies

To help make your fundraising experience a success we have collected a few tips that you should consider:

For delivery, your minimum order must be at least 200 10lb bags.

Choose a leadership team to help you organize your fundraiser.

Have the team brainstorm on places to advertise for the fundraiser and list potential customers.

Make original posters and flyers and place in highly visible areas.

Ask parents and other volunteers to help sell and distribute.

Have as many people as possible pick up the onions from a central location.

Collect all payments from your customers early.

Require each student to sell several bags and reward extra credit or a grade.

Have a contest for the top three salespeople.

Make sure salesmen represent you well by being polite and courteous to all customers.

Keep a database of customers' names and addresses so you can contact them year after year.

Educate your salesmen on proper handling and storage of the onions.

Have your students come up with a borrowed or original recipe to share with the customers.


Vidalia Onion Fundraising

Matthew or Shannon Hendley

Phone: 912-293-7171


You will be glad that you did!

Vidalia Sweet Onion
The Name That Sells Itself!


  A portion of proceeds goes to help support the Paul Anderson Youth Home.  

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